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My Kitchen Set

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Let's eat...

1) Cargo Bag 15L

This Cargo Bag can be mounted on most all panniers with attachment eyes. With a capacity of 15 litres.

Reinforced walls maintain the shape of the bags and help protect the fabric. The inner lining adds an additional water barrier and makes it easier to find small items.

Collapsible XL-Bowl is 77% larger than the original X-Bowl and made from the same flexible food-grade silicone side walls as other X-Series products. The Nylon base doubles as a cutting board and the silicone side walls collapse for compact packing.

Collapsible X-Set 31 is a lightweight compact two-person cook and dinnerware kit.

This duo set includes a 2.8L X-Pot with a hard-anodised aluminium base and silicone side walls, two X-Bowls and two X-Mugs

4) Cleaning Set (Small Range Bags)

  • dishwashing liquid

  • Sponges

  • liquid laundry detergent

5) Cutlery Set & more (Small Range Bags)

Reaching the perfect espresso shot is anything but simple. The Nanopresso is best suited for finely ground coffee that is hard pressed. Thanks to its innovative construction and easy operation, you can use Nanopresso to make perfect espresso with a beautiful and dense layer of cream at any time.

No battery / electricity required. Manual operation only. Experience the pleasure of drinking high-quality espresso from the first sip to the last sip wherever you are. All you need for your next espresso is ground coffee, hot water and the Nanopresso machine.

After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only a few seconds. If necessary, all components of the filter holder can be easily separated from each other for thorough cleaning.

X-Pot Kettle collapses to 35mm and is all you need for two freeze-dried meals in one boil.

Its 0.8 L safe boiling capacity is perfect for a cup of tea, sustaining mug of oatmeal or a quick soup on the trail.

The X-Pot Kettle is made from a hard-anodised aluminium base with collapsible silicone side walls, and glass reinforced Nylon 66 handles.

The wide rim and stable handles allow the X-Pot Kettle to be used as a 1.3L pot with easy stirring.

Collapsible three-piece X-Set 21 is the perfect combination of packability and versatility in a solo camp cookware set.

The X-Pot is made with a hard-anodised aluminium base and silicone side walls and is perfect for preparing all your camp meals with ease, including boiling water for drinks.

The 1.4L X- Pot, X- Bowl and X- Mug set nests together to the size of a Frisbee-like disc, which saves space for more fun in your pack.

9) Gas Stove Compact

This small compact gas stove is sufficient for one person; for 2, a larger model (or second stove) would be necessary.

[ALL IN ONE] Brew and drink from a single device with the Pipamoka All-in-One nomadic coffee machine. Simple, robust and brilliant pressure brewer, it will be super easy and quick to fill your days and enjoy hours of hot, freshly brewed coffee during your commute, working time or adventure.

The two-minute brown: the patented construction, coupled with the innovative rotating mechanism, creates vacuum pressure inside the cup. This negative pressure generated suction power that draws hot water down through the coffee grounds. Designed to brew a consistently clean, fully flavoured cup of Joe in about two minutes, the Pipamokas vacuum pressure brewing method sets it apart from other devices.

11) Kitchen set

  • Cutting Board

  • Cooking spoon

  • Food tongs

12) Valve Gas Cartridge

I would recommend having 2 small gas cartridges. But be careful to choose a well-known brand to ensure that you can replace it wherever you may travel.

High-tech materials such as Ultra-Sil fabric, Hypalon™ carry handles and a stainless steel wire stiffener ring mean this sink is small enough to fit in a pocket and light enough to barely leave a trace on a set of scales.

The sink is very useful for washing kitchen utensils, but it also serves for personal hygiene in the morning.

14) Wind protector for Camping Stove

Very useful, because with this protection, the cooking time is much shorter, reducing the consumption of gas.

15) Cleaning wipes

In case of no water, wipes are useful for quick cleaning, not only for utensils, but also for personal hygiene.

16) Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are used to clean hands when cooking or drying dishes and cutlery after washing.

17) Biodegradable Plastic Bags

It is essential to have biodegradable plastic bags. They can be used for garbage, to pack food, etc.

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