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My Camping Set

Let's Camping...

  • The Overlander is your essential gear bag for adventure riding. Packed full of adventure motorcycle-centric features, it’s the ultimate motorcycle travel bag.

  • With a semi-rigid design, it holds its form and protects your gear behind 3 solid layers.

  • There are 4 quick-release side buckles that take seconds to securely attach or remove the Overlanders to your motorcycle. Clean up all loose ties with an integrated webbing stow system.

  • Integrated lock bar, walk away from your bike with confidence, the Overlanders have a metal locking bar to secure the bag to your motorcycle with a Steel Core lock or equivalent.

  • Portable and robust, this is the chair that I use to rest, read and eat my meals.

  • I chose a 2 person tent, to have more space for myself and for my equipment. When choosing a tent, it should be easy and quick to set up. Ultra-light tent for hiking and mountaineering, quick and easy to set up (2.1 kg pack weight, includes tent mat, pegs and ropes)

4) Tent’s Poles

  • Portable and robust table that I use for my meals or computer / book holder.

  • With the portable bed I don't have to worry about what terrain I`m in, since I don't sleep on the ground. In addition to being robust, it has comfortable dimensions for a good night's sleep.

7) Camping Pillow

  • An inflatable pillow can replace a nightgown or folded jacket and is much more comfortable, small in size and easy to fill. Just be careful not to inflate it fully, as it will then be too hard.

8) Polyester Bag Sheet for Sleeping Bag

  • This sack sheet, useful for sleeping in a hut or lodge but also for protecting your sleeping bag.

9) Sleeping Bag

  • The right choice of sleeping bag is critical. My previous one was very thin and light and packed small, however I suffered from sleepless nights when it was cold, because the bag was not warm enough. So I decided to have a warmer and more comfortable sleeping bag despite the larger dimensions.

10) Inflatable mattress

  • The mattress to insulate yourself from the ground and sleep comfortably on a trek or during your bivouacs..

11) Camping Lamp

  • These two small lanterns, bought at Decathlon, are the ones I use inside the tent and outside the awning.

  • The warm camping blanket weighs only 0.9kg. Don't worry about space in your backpack. Take the compact, lightweight blanket with you wherever you go. Warm enough and cosy, for a cosy night's sleep.

  • The outdoor camping blanket can serve you outdoors or at home, as a cosy shawl. You can wrap around you while reading or just sitting down. Button up like a poncho and keep you warm and your hands free. You can also use it as a warm sleeping bag. Hidden zipper carry bag is convenient to use as a pillow or lumbar support.

13) Mountain trekking jacket

  • Warm, lightweight and durable down jacket lets you stay comfortably in cool weather..

14) Camping Hammer

  • This rubber hammer is very useful, especially for fixing the tent or awning in hard ground. The claw in the hammer helps for removing the piles.nt or awning.

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