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Package Camping Material

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Camping Bag

1) Dry Bag QBag 40L

  • This 40 litre bag is very useful for storing and transporting all my camping gear. In addition to being waterproof.

2) Portable Camping Table

  • Portable and robust table that I use for my meals or computer / book holder.

3) Bed Camping Ultralite

  • With the portable bed I don't have to worry about what terrain I`m in, since I don't sleep on the ground. In addition to being robust, it has comfortable dimensions for a good night's sleep.

4) Cover Camping Multifunction

  • This cover increases the area of ground protected (from sun or rain), and creates a larger space to rest or eat.

5) Quechua Quickhiker 2 Tent

  • I chose a 2 person tent, to have more space for myself and for my equipment. When choosing a tent, it should be easy and quick to set up.

6) Picnic Blanket

  • At the moment I am using a picnic blanket on the floor of the tent as protection against moisture and any sharp points in the ground.

7) Ultralight Camping Chair

  • Portable and robust, this is the chair that I use to rest, read and eat my meals.

8) Camping Hammer

  • This rubber hammer is very useful, especially for fixing the tent or awning in hard ground. The claw in the hammer helps for removing the piles.

9) Camping Lamp

  • These two small lanterns, bought at Decathlon, are the ones I use inside the tent and outside the awning.

10) Air Matresses

  • Although I have a portable bed, I also use a mattress as it does not take up much space and provides extra comfort.

11) Sleeping Bag

  • The right choice of sleeping bag is critical. My previous one was very thin and light and packed small, however I suffered from sleepless nights when it was cold, because the bag was not warm enough. So I decided to have a warmer and more comfortable sleeping bag despite the larger dimensions.

12) Camping Pillow

  • An inflatable pillow can replace a nightgown or folded jacket and is much more comfortable, small in size and easy to fill. Just be careful not to inflate it fully, as it will then be too hard.

13) Guy Ropes

  • It is always good to have extra ropes: we can use them in an emergency or for reinforcing the tent or awning.

Tank Bag

In addition to the multimedia material / accessories and snacks. I take the following material with me:

1) Givi Tankbag 15L

  • A tankbag is indispensable for those who make long trips, in order to have quick access to various items during the trip.

2) Pens

  • Always have 2 or 3 pens to take notes. I also have a notepad (not in the picture).

3) Danfalgan Pills

  • Always good to have headache pills.

4) Carabiners

  • Carabiners are useful for suspending or attaching things.

5) Lighter

  • A lighter is essential, both for the gas stove and for minor repairs.

6) First Aid Kit

  • This is one of the most important accessories. You never know what might happen during your trip or stay.

7) Flashlights

  • It is advisable to have at least 2 flashlights, one of which you can wear on your head. They should be easily accessible place. Useful when arriving at a camping site or making repairs in darkness.

8) Carrying Bag

  • I always carry a transport bag with me, which I use when I go shopping or visiting.

9) Balaclava

  • I use this for night trips when the temperature is very low.

10) Beanie

  • The cap is very important when we camp. The nights are usually cool, and the hat gives us that cozy feeling.

Small Range Bags

1) Tactical Molle Pockets

  • These small bags help with storage.

2) Elastic Net

  • An elastic net is useful for attaching something small to the bike.

3) Adjustment Straps

  • Adjustment straps can be used for packaging and as tow strips.

4) Elastic Bands

  • Elastic bands are also useful for attaching something medium-sized to the bike.

5) Washing line

  • For drying towel/clothes and for hanging a camping lantern.

6) Clothes Pegs

  • To hang clothes, towels or kitchen towels.

7) Electric Drill

  • For making repairs in a reduced time.

8) Drill Elements Box

  • This comes with various types and sizes of elements.

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