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Updated: Jan 3, 2022


On my first trip to Portugal, after traveling many kilometers, I realised that rest is one of the most important things to consider on a big trip. This is not always easy when deciding to do “MotoCamping”. When sleeping in a small tent for several days, comfort becomes very important and an air mattress is not always the best solution.

I therefore prefer a portable bed, as comfort is much better regardless of the type of terrain you are on.

This bed has very small dimensions when packed (56 x Ø 15 cm) and when assembled is surprisingly large and comfortable (190 x 67 x 16 cm). In addition, the bed frame is strong and sturdy.

When on a long trip, it is very pleasant to be able to make a stop, sit comfortably and stretch out our legs. Finding the right chair for this is essential. In the ultalight camping chair, I found the desired comfort for all my breaks. Small in size (35 x 13 x 9 cm) and very light, it is easy and quick to assemble, in addition to being very robust (110Kg).

One of the problems I encountered while traveling and camping was finding a place where I could eat something or drink my coffee without fear of spilling it on the floor.

This table, also small and robust, fulfills all the necessary requirements. It is also easy and quick to assemble.

One of the most important things, besides rest, on a big trip is hygiene. We don't always find a place where we can do the minimal personal hygiene (washing teeth and face), so this 10L sink facilitate the task well.

It can also be used to wash dishes and cutlery, as well as clothes (t-shirts and underwear).

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